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Tammie Poe, BBA: ART Administrator

Tammie Poe at New Hope Center For Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Clinic in Virginia Beach, VA

Tammie Poe, BBA at New Hope Center in Virginia Beach, VA
Tammie Poe, BBA at New Hope Center in Virginia Beach, VA

Tammie Poe, BBA
ART Program Administrator

Tammie S. Poe joined the New Hope team in October of 1998, shortly after completing four years in the United States Air Force. Tammie’s college education began at York College in PA, but she completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration & Healthcare Management with AIU (American Intercontinental University) after moving to Virginia. Her career with New Hope started with Managing the Billing & Financial Department. During the course of her consultations and interactions with patients, Tammie’s passion and commitment to New Hope’s mission grew, and she quickly noticed that very few patients had insurance coverage to pay for their services and as a result, required financial assistance in order to begin and/or continue their fertility testing and treatments services. Determined to find a solution to this problem, Tammie organized New Hope’s relationship with multiple full-service local banks, several online finance agencies, and an array of other finance avenues for clients to secure the funds they need. Tammie also created and lead the compilation of other in-house Financial Programs and Promotional Offers, that have helped hundreds of patients (over the years) be able to afford treatment and experience their dream of having a family. In Tammie’s words, she believes “everyone (and couple) deserves the right to experience the joy that comes with having a family, and I refuse to accept that cost alone, gets to dictate which patient(s) are able to realize this joy.”