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INVOcell Procedure

INVOcell Procedure

Our doctors at The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine provide INVOcell procedures to couples and individuals dealing with infertility issues in Virginia Beach, VA For more information, call us today and schedule a consultation.

INVOcell Procedure
INVOcell Procedure

INVOcell™ – A Cost Effective Alternative to IVF (for some patients)

For many couples dealing with infertility, the cost of IVF treatment prevents them from getting the baby they so desire. Others, face religious or cultural issues, when having to decide what to do with excess embryos. For couples such as these, a new, more natural method of treatment offered at The New Hope Center – INVOcell™ could be the answer.

INVOcell™ offers a comprehensive treatment option for couples, but costs significantly less than traditional IVF.

Is INVOcell™ and The New Hope Center

Currently, a limited number of clinics in the U.S. offer the INVOcell™ Procedure, and The New Hope Center is thrilled to be among them. We’re even more excited about being the only clinic in Hampton Roads offering INVOcell, with CAP & CLIA certified Embryology/Andrology laboratories. In addition, The New Hope Center offers certain other procedures in combination with INVOcell™ that many do not, ICSI and PGS (in certain patient cases).

Is INVOcell™ The Right Option For You?

The INVOcell™ technology has been cleared by the FDA, and is currently available at select IVF centers in the United States, and several countries around the world.

The best way to find out if INVOcell™ is the right treatment option for you (and your partner), is to meet with a New Hope Center physician, to discuss your particular fertility issue(s). Understanding the differences between the INVOCell procedure and conventional IVF, will assist you in your decision making process as to which treatment is best to meet your goals.

One of the main differences is, with conventional IVF, the eggs and sperm fertilize and develop into embryos inside of an incubator in an Embryology laboratory. Instead, the INVOcell™ procedure utilizes the INVOcell Chamber and the women’s vagina as a natural “incubator” to support fertilization and embryo development.

For patients with cultural and/or religious issues who do not wish to freeze embryos, and for those patients with significant financial restraints, INVOcell could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The INVOcell™ Device & Procedure

An INVOcell™ procedure includes a “mild” (or minimal) stimulation of the ovaries, similar to conventional IVF, but using significantly less fertility medications, with a goal of collecting less than 8 eggs.

After stimulation, the female undergoes an egg retrieval procedure, in order to collect her eggs. The eggs are then combined with her husband/partner’s sperm (or Donor Sperm if patient/couple has elected), either by placing a high concentration of washed sperm ontop (or) through the use of ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection), and then placed inside the INVOcell™ device. This small capsule (device) is then placed in the vagina, where it remains for the next three to five days.

The procedure should be painless, and the woman carrying the INVOcell™ device can walk and travel normally, without discomfort. The INVOcell™ device is removed by your physician and handed to an Embryologist who takes it into the lab. Once in the lab, the embryos are removed and viewed under a microscope (for “grading” purposes). The best 1-2 of these embryos are selected and will be transferred back into the woman’s uterus. In the event a patients does have extra, high quality embryos that remain after the embryo transfer, they can elect to have them frozen and stored for use with future pregnancy attempts.

The INVOcell™ Device & Procedure
The INVOcell™ Device & Procedure

*SEE CHART BELOW for Cost Savings Comparison

INVOCellRegular IVF
Mild Stimulation of Ovaries – lower med costsAggressive Ovarian Stimulation – highest med costs
#1-2 US visits – Less cost – & time invested by patient#4-6 US Visits – more cost & time invested by patient
Intra-vaginal incubation of embryos – lower cost using INVOCell chamber deviceLaboratory incubation of embryos – highest costs for expensive equipment and staff monitoring.
Lower Embryo # – less issue of what to do with extra embryosPotential for Higher embryo # – increased cost and decision making to decide between freezing or discarding of extra embryos
Typical cost = ~$7,000* *patient specificTypical cost = ~$13,000* *patient specific

*the “Typical Cost” represents the basic cycle, but does not include fertility drugs or extra services such as ICSI, Embryo Freezing, or PGS testing.

For more information about the INVOcell™ procedure and to find out if this option is right for you, simply click the button below to request a consultation or call us. We serve patients from Virginia Beach VA, Rudee Heights VA, Lynnhaven VA, Linkhorn Estates VA and Dam Neck VA.

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Click the video below to view television news coverage of the New Hope Center’s INVOcell success

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