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Gestational Surrogate/ Carrier Programs

Gestational Surrogate/ Carrier Programs

The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia Beach, VA provides attentive care, generous compensation, and appreciation for your help in offering another couple the chance to become parents. For more information, call us today.

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Gestational Surrogate/ Carrier Programs
Gestational Surrogate/ Carrier Programs

The choice to become a gestational surrogate/carrier, is certainly not an easy one. Few endeavors are as mentally and physically demanding. Yet, ask most surrogate moms, and they’ll tell you the decision is really a matter of the heart, one that brings an inner joy you just can’t describe.

Typically, a woman who elects to become a gestational surrogate, has already had children, and sees her own family as being complete. She’s someone who truly feels for those struggling with infertility — so much so, she’s willing to give one of the greatest gifts of all, to offer another couple the chance to become parents.

Becoming a gestational surrogate does require your time, to complete the screening process, as well as the ART treatment procedures (to get pregnant), but these services and procedures do not cost you monetarily. After qualifying for New Hope’s program, you’ll receive attentive care, generous compensation and the knowledge of just how wonderful a gift you are to a deserving couple in need.

We are so glad you are interested in The New Hope Center’s Gestational Surrogacy Program. We hope to provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision, and our goal is to ensure that each gestational surrogate has a positive experience while taking this journey toward accomplishing her goals, as well as those of the Intended Parent(s).

Basic Qualifications for a Gestational Surrogate/Carrier:

Basic Qualifications for a Gestational Surrogate/Carrier:

The New Hope Center is a proud advocate of diversity. We work with Gestational Surrogates/Carriers from every walk of life, however, there are certain basic qualifications all must meet, in order to be approved for our Program:

  • Must be between the ages of 21-45
  • Must live in Virginia
  • Must live in a stable residence with no plans to move from Virginia (for a minimum of 3 years)
  • Must have had at least one (1) healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Must have a strong support network
  • Must not use recreational drugs, smoke, or abuse alcohol
  • Must be committed to building a respectful and honest relationship with the Intended Parent(s)
  • Willing to undergo a criminal background check
  • Willing to undergo psychological and medical assessments
  • Willing to follow medical protocols

Getting Started as a Gestational Surrogate/Carrier

Step 1: Complete and submit the Gestational Carrier Application to our office, via fax to: 757-481-3354.

Step 2: Once your Application is APPROVED, our Third-Party Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment with our office to review your information, and discuss the program in greater detail.

Step 3: If you elect to become a gestational carrier in The New Hope Center’s Program, you’ll be scheduled to complete a psychological evaluation with a Licensed Mental Health Professional who works with our office.

Step 4: Next, you’ll complete a physical and medical exam, as well as the required FDA blood work portion of the screening process.

Step 5: Once you have decided on a particular intended parent/couple to work with, you’ll meet with an attorney/legal counsel, to assist you with the Intended Parent/Gestational Carrier contract process.

*The intended parent is responsible for these fees.

Step 6: After the contract is completed and signed by all parties, preparation for the ART Treatment procedures begin!

We thank you, for taking the time to consider the incredible gift of Gestational Surrogacy with The New Hope Center. We look forward to guiding you through this endeavor and onto helping a deserving couple to achieve their dream of becoming parents, should you elect to move forward with our Program. For more information, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Virginia Beach VA, Rudee Heights VA, Lynnhaven VA, Linkhorn Estates VA and Dam Neck VA.