Egg Donor Questions and Answers

Egg Donor Questions and Answers

Looking to become an egg donor for fertility clinics in Virginia Beach, VA area? Read frequently asked questions below and apply to become an egg donor at The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Clinic today! For more information, call us today and schedule a consultation.

Egg Donor Questions and Answers
Egg Donor Questions and Answers

What are the risks?

When considering becoming an egg donor, the primary risk for which you should be aware is called “Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome” (OHSS). Although this is rare, risk is minimized as our fertility specialists carefully monitor patients during stimulation cycles. What are the symptoms of OHSS? They can include extreme bloating and/or weight gain. Before moving forward to become an egg donor, you should make sure to have a discussion with our medical team to fully understand any risks or possible side effects of the medications and procedures utilize for egg donors. Egg Donor Risks & Complications.

Will I be able to have children after egg donation?

Bottom line, Yes. While each woman may have her own naturally occurring fertility challenges, egg donation in itself is not a contributing factor. What? A normal female has roughly 400,000 follicles (eggs) by after going through puberty. In her lifetime, only 400 will reach maturity and be ovulated. The remainder, or roughly 399,600 go unused. Through ovary stimulation, extra eggs are released that would otherwise go used. Therefore, the normal pool of ovarian follicles is not depleted by egg donation.

How long will this process take?

Once an egg donor is approved and schedule for her egg donation cycle, the process is actually relatively short, approximately 6 weeks. The screening process is rigorous and often can take several months for approval of a donor.

Will I miss school or work?

If you are a student of higher learning, it’s important to understand that the majority of your appointments will be scheduled for early in the morning. That means little schedule disruption for our egg donors. Your retrieval day does require you to miss a full day of school or work. In general, most egg donors return to school or work the following day. Serving as an egg donor does require a strict adherence to your schedule of appointments. It requires females who embrace the level of their personal responsibility in the process.

Does egg donation cost me anything?

Other than your time, No. The prospective parents take care of costs incurred for both the egg donor and egg donation cycle. These expenses include egg donor compensation, all egg donor medical costs, insurance, attorney fees and travel expenses.

How much compensation is paid to egg donors?

Egg donors are compensated for their generosity, time and dedication. Egg donor payments can vary, with higher fees normally paid to successful prior egg donators.

Can I donate eggs if my tubes are tied?

Actually yes. Eggs are aspirated prior to being released by the body, so tied tubes are not a factor.

What if I am on birth control?

We cannot accept egg donors using Depo-Provera Injections as a form of birth control. Other forms, such as birth control pills, IUD or NuvaRing are acceptable.

What are the medications I must take?

Your New Hope physician will prescribe any stimulation medications for administering. The donor will self-inject three different hormones over the course of approximately 3 weeks. The first prevents ovulation. The second hormone medication stimulates the production of follicles (eggs). Finally, a hormone medication will be given which matures the eggs and induces ovulation.

Are the medications I take safe?

The medications used for egg donor stimulation are widely utilized and are the result of rigorous testing for effectiveness and safety.

How do I give myself injections?

As an egg donor, the New Hope staff will demonstrate and give you instructions to deliver daily injections. All injections are under the skin, so they are easy to self-administer. The needles used are very small, and most donors report little discomfort.

Will I undergo surgery?

Surgery is not necessary. Eggs are retrieved vaginally with no need for a surgical cut. Sedation is used for the egg donor’s comfort. Due to the use of iv sedation, the egg donor is required to have a companion to drive her home.

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