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Are you looking for fertility treatment options to help start or expand your family? The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Clinic offers donor embryo program in Virginia Beach, VA that might be the solution for you! We provide affordable embryo donation services for patients and couples who are seeking to adopt donated embryos. For more information, call us today and schedule a consultation.

The New Hope Center’s Medical Director, Robin L. Poe-Zeigler, MD, FACOG, is the founder and Director of our Donor Embryo Program.

The New Hope Center’s Donated Embryo Program, unlike many others, only accepts embryo donations from New Hope Center patients. This affords patients and couples seeking to adopt donated embryos several advantages.

Advantages of New Hope Center’s Program:

  • All embryos for adoption:
    Were created at and by The New Hope Center’s medical and laboratory teams, giving us more detailed information regarding the grades, quality, and potential viability of the embryos.
    Were cryopreserved by our laboratory team, which ensures proper and equivalent methods for the thaw and preparation of the embryos will be employed at the time of transfer.
    Are stored on-site and maintained by, our laboratory team, which eliminates any concerns or to transfer/transport the embryos from one facility to another. Shipping costs alone can range from $150 to $500.
  • All physical, medical, and genetic screening (if/when required or performed) of the donating parties whose gametes were used in the creation of the embryos, will be (or has been) performed and reviewed by our physician and medical team.
  • Does not require recipient(s) to complete a “home study” (~$1,000 to $3,000), but rather only requires a psychological evaluation (~$175 to $300).
  • Does not require any a third party or outside agency involvement. Recipient(s) working such programs, typically incur substantial fees that range from $3,000 to $8,000 (or more), and do not include the actual procedures or medications required for the Embryo Transfer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Adopting Donated Embryos in General:

Patients and couples, who choose to adopt donated embryos, may do so for a number of reasons. For instance, receiving donated embryos in many cases is less expensive than traditional adoption or receiving donor eggs. As well, unlike traditional adoption, adopting donated embryos allow the recipient couple to experience pregnancy related events, including early bonding; labor and delivery; breastfeeding; etc. In addition, the process of receiving donated embryos is less visible to the public and therefore more private than traditional adoption.

While adopting donated embryos has certain advantages, it can also have certain drawbacks. For example, a baby born from donated embryos will have no genetic relationship with either the female patient or their partner. And, likely the most prominent drawback, is that although thousands of frozen embryos exist and are stored in clinics and IVF Centers all over the world, there is only a very small number of embryos made available for adoption.

Read More: Reasons so few embryos are available

There are many reasons why so few embryos are available to adopt. Many genetic parents simply do not wish to donate their remaining embryos; clinics and IVF Centers are unable to locate the genetic parents to acquire the necessary paperwork for the donation process, when patients have moved or relocate. Further, of the embryos that are donated, only a percentage are viable for donation/adoption. In some instances, embryos are disqualified for adoption because the center is unable to acquire (or perform) the necessary medical and/or genetic screening of the genetic parents, while in others cases, abnormal medical or genetic test results will disqualify the embryos.

The unfortunate result of these instances is, currently more recipients requesting and waiting to adopt donated embryos exist than the actual number of donated embryos available or viable for adoption. The final challenge is faced by the clinics and IVF centers themselves, who must absorb the expense to perform the necessary donor outreach and the required screening of the genetic parents, which includes the administrative and clinical costs for preparing the embryos to be donated, the matching process with recipient(s), file maintenance, and the cost of storing and maintaining the frozen embryos until adopted.

New Hope Center’s Donor Embryo Program has been active for more than 15years, and unlike many programs, it does have a fair number of donated embryos for adopting patients or couples. Dr. Robin and the New Hope team, are meticulous in their efforts to maintain a Donor Embryo Program of the highest quality.

New Hope Center’s Policies and Procedures:

The policies and procedures established by The New Hope Center are for our Donor Embryo Program, and are not necessarily reflective of other IVF Centers or clinics. The first step for patients wanting to participate is to complete and submit an application. The application is reviewed and you will be notified of the status, within seven business days (or less) from submission.

We encourage patients to contact our office and schedule a consultation to discuss Donated Embryo, or one of the other fertility therapy options available at The New Hope Center.

Our objective is to assist every New Hope patient and couple, with achieving their goal for a family. We do our best to ensure each patient has a clear understanding of their treatment options, so they can select the option that best fits their individual needs.


Our team is here to answer your questions and assist with your journey. Please feel free to ask us from the contact us form if you have additional questions. We serve patients from Virginia Beach VA, Rudee Heights VA, Lynnhaven VA, Linkhorn Estates VA, and Dam Neck VA.

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