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Celebrating 25 Years of Miracles

Welcome to the New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine, Located in Virginia Beach, VA

The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine is a Leading Fertility Clinic for Fertility Testing, Infertility Diagnostics, and Treatment. Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist, Dr. Robin Poe-Zeigler and our team of Medical Professionals Offer IVF, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Male Factor, Egg Vitrification, Preimplantation Genetic Screening and Much More.

Welcome to the New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine, Located in Virginia Beach, VA

For more information, feel free to call us. We serve patients from Virginia Beach VA, Rudee Heights VA, Lynnhaven VA, Linkhorn Estates VA and Dam Neck VA.

Celebrating 25 Years of Miracles

Why Choose New Hope Center

  • Personalized care from an experienced team of professionals who’ve been creating families in Hampton Roads for more than 20 years.
  • All fertility testing offered on-site, to include: Hormone testing, NK Cells, HSG & Sono-HSG, Hysteroscopy, ERA Test, Semen Analysis & the New Episona male test , plus so much more.
  • Multiple financing options & On-site Financial Counselors Available
  • Full Range of fertility treatment offered, such as: IUI’s, Clomid/Femara and Ovulation Induction Cycles, Egg Vitrification, Natural Modified and Traditional IVF, Deferred Transfer IVF, ICSI, PGS & PGD and all Third-Party Reproduction- Donor Egg, Embryo, Sperm and Gestational Surrogacy.
  • Telemed consultations available via VIDEO CHAT with your physician!

Featured Services

The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine provides infertility treatment options including IVF, IUI, as well as fertility solutions such as Egg Freezing, and Surrogacy.

Fertility 101 in Virginia Beach, VA
Egg Donor in Virginia Beach, VA
Infertility Testing in Virginia Beach, VA

At The New Hope Center, we believe in offering personalized attention and exceptional care in a supportive and empathetic environment, providing “hope” to prospective parents who are struggling to become pregnant.

If you are uncertain about the future and interested in discussing your fertility treatment options with a caring and professional specialist, New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine would love the opportunity to discuss potential treatments and provide the care you need to realize your dreams of becoming a parent.

Robin L Poe-Zeigler, MD, FACOG

Dr. Robin Poe-Zeigler’s medical story is one that is driven by love, passion, and a constant desire to spread hope. In 1982, Dr. Poe-Zeigler (known as a Dr. Robin to her patients) lost her mother to breast cancer- a loss that would shape her medical career forever. She started medical school with a focus on gynecologic cancer, trying to help women who suffered the same way her mother did, but as she progressed through school she realized that this course caused her to frequently relive the loss of her mother.

Fertility Clinic in Virginia Beach VA for
LGBT Couples

New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Clinic is proud to offer family building services for lesbians, gay men and transgender individuals.
We create a comfortable setting to discuss, plan as well as manage the plan with you to start or expand your family.


Always awesome!! I’ve been going to New Hope for almost 4 years. Within the first year they “gave” is our miracle baby. I was pregnant in 6 months. That time included…

Buffy D

My husband and I had an excellent experience with the NHC. The staff was professional and nice from the time I arrived till the time I left. They are easy to get in touch with…

Chelsea Twisdale

My beautiful blessings are now 15 and I’m still grateful everyday for the New Hope Center and their staff. The caring sensitive MAs who were there with me during treatments…

MaryBeth S

A Proven Record of Successful Births

New Hope CeSince 1997, New Hope Center has helped thousands of families with cutting-edge and proven fertility techniques. More than 3,166 babies have been born through our practice since we began treating families in the Virginia Beach area. We are committed to helping every person who wants to be a loving parent by providing access to proven techniques to deliver a happy, healthy baby.